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41 Short-listed for ZOHO Corporation on 10th Sep 11

There was a Special Drive for Project Trainees by ZOHO Corporation conducted in our campus on 10th Sep 2011. This drive was open to Final Students of MCA/MSc(Comp.Sc./IT). Nearly 47 post-graduate colleges have been identified and contacted to send in their PG Students to participate in the drive. More than 28 colleges responded and sent their students to our campus.


The selection process was handled by the HR Team of ZOHO Corporation, Chennai – which consisted of Ms. Jevitha Sathyanarayanan, Ms.Sangeetha Balaji, & Ms. G. Kumari. There were 423 candidates of MCA & M.Sc who participated. First the written Aptitude Test was conducted for 2 hours. Then the answer scripts were valued by the company staff. The shortlisted candidates were 41 in number.


Towards evening, these shortlisted candidates were addressed by the HR Associate Ms. Jevitha Sathyanarayanan, who explained all details about the company – its headquarters in California, its growth and development over the past one decade, and the products they make through software programming to the world market.


The following 41 shortlisted candidates will have pass through 2 more stages of selection process in the company premises in Chennai – Technical Interview & HR Interview, after which offer letters will be issued to the selected candidates.


During the project training, the candidates will be paid a monthly stipend of Rs. 4000/- for a period of 4 to 5 months. If the performance of the candidates is good, with touches of originality and dynamism, they will be absorbed into the company as Software Engineers, on a monthly salary of Rs. 25,000/-.



S.No. Name of the Candidate College Contact Number
1 Priya, P. Madurai Kamaraj University 9944315813
2 Anadavel, V. Madurai Kamaraj University 9994814665
3 Vijaykumar, J.S. Madurai Kamaraj University 9689770988
4 Iswariya, V. Madurai Kamaraj University 0452-245955
5 Sathya, R. Madurai Kamaraj University 9500403874
6 Jeyasubha, S. Madurai Kamaraj University 9489773502
7 Rakeshkumar Madurai Kamaraj University 7200478361
8 Rishikumar Madurai Kamaraj University 9047633621
9 Sundar, V. Madurai Kamaraj University 9843643687
10 Ganeshkumar, V. ACTech, Karaikudi 9043720336
11 Karthikayan, B. ACTech, Karaikudi 8608018945
12 Arunkirthika, S. ACTech, Karaikudi 9843052446
13 Shivanthi, M. ACTech, Karaikudi 9791286916
14 Rajthilak, R. ACTech, Karaikudi 9159532292
15 Thomas Alrin, L. ACTech, Karaikudi 9789345999
16 Gayathri, S. ACTech, Karaikudi 9789296416
17 John Issac Dinkaran ACTech, Karaikudi 8015226717
18 Anandaraj, C. ACTech, Karaikudi 9750035328
19 Rekha, M. ACTech, Karaikudi 9600386703
20 Ali Abdul Kathar, A.D. ACTech, Karaikudi 7871789565
21 Atheeswari, N. ACTech, Karaikudi 9042288738
22 Kalainilavu, G. ACTech, Karaikudi 9500564322
23 Nirmala, M. KLN College of Engg 9894026862
24 Jothi, M. KLN College of Engg 7708880857
25 Kalidass, M. KLN College of Engg 9894593338
26 Seeni Sherk, M.D. KLN College of Engg 9486126234
27 Maheswari, A. KLN College of Engg 9597866351
28 Jeyapriya, S. KLN College of Engg 9943341349
29 Prashanth KLN College of Engg 9962603316
30 Thangavel Rajan, P. KLN College of Engg 9994531938
31 Sivatharsini, T. Fatima College 9943062088
32 Kethsi Julia, K. Fatima College 9894365180
33 Devaki, R. Fatima College 8883642187
34 Kanimozhi, L. Sri Meenakshi Govt College 9940830616
35 Shanmugapriya, M. Sri Meenakshi Govt College 9940874286
36 Sankar Raj, S. SRNM College, Sattur 9944021240
37 Kasirajan SRNM College, Sattur 9790474320
38 Mathanraj, T. Kalasilingam University 9944034681
39 Saranya, T.M. NMSSVN College 9994162321
40 Rajapriya, B. VHNSN College 9787825942
41 Rajarajeshwari SFR College, Sivakasi 9362005826