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Home Notice Board Report: 5th Graduation Day at 4.00 P.M., on 24TH APRIL 2010

Report: 5th Graduation Day at 4.00 P.M., on 24TH APRIL 2010

The 5th Graduation Day commenced with academic procession walking into the auditorium, in tune with the convocation music being played at the entrance. The ceremony started with invocation song. Our Principal Dr. S. Kathirrvelu welcomed the audience. Our Chairman Sri M.K.S. Sreenivasan made a few presidential remarks about the responsibilities of the graduates as educated citizens of India. He recalled his recent trip to China, and observed that China is a big country, making tremendous improvements in technology. The reasons for its phenomenal growth and achievement are discipline of its citizens, their dedication to work, and non-corruption. Then the Chief Guest Dr. K. Ruckmani, Vice Chancellor (Officiate), Anna University, Trichy, made the convocation address.

In her speech, Dr. K. Ruckmani observed that education is a continuum, to be pursued with dedication. Obtaining degree is only a beginning in education and learning is an endless process. She highlighted the duties and responsibilities of the young graduates, who are the stewards of our nation, and custodians of our tradtions and values. In global perspective, the educated citizens have a moral responsibility, which is to promote sustainable development. Whatever development we make, we have to think of posterity, and the development continuing to the coming generations as well. She commented on the benefits of renewable sources of energy. Of course, globalization is a phenomenon, which have brought about many happier changes in the industry. But this development we make has to continue on and on, and remain sustainable in the ages to come.

The Vice Chancellor felt that research is the need of the hour, and it is where we have to make a lot of improvements, with creativity and innovation. Research, no doubt, ensures development, and stablizes our educational values. Education, inspite of its advancements in all disciplines, should have basic relevance to social welfare. The mentality of sharing and caring should develop in the minds of all educated men and women. Only then total development would be possible in our society. Towards the close of her speech, she referred to four keys to success – 1) Focus, 2) Confidence, 3) Time, & 4) Sustainable. That is to say, we should be well-focused in our thoughts and attitude. We should develop self-confidence, by developing all required skills. We should make the best use of time. Finally, all our actions and deeds should be oriented towards sustainable development. The Vice Chancellor Dr. K. Ruckmani distributed degrees to 142 candidates, who had passed out their B.E./B.Tech., Degrees in 2009. 

After the award of degrees, the young graduates took the pledge to be responsible citizens of our country and serve the cause of our nation. The convocation ceremony was dissolved by our Principal. The function came to a close with the National Anthem.