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ICTACT Youth Present 2015 - Madurai Schedule


ICTACT Youth PRESENT is a student contest initiated by ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu devoted to bring out the effective presentation and communication skills in students through their inspiring presentations on the topic of their passion presented for 10 minutes midst the peers using 20 Slides.

This initiative aims at inspiring students to showcase their skills, thereby developing stronger communication and presentation skills among them. ICTACT Youth PRESENT encourages students to deliver a presentation on their passionate topic or inspiring thoughts from various topics including (but not limited to) Technology, Engineering, Science, Future World, National & International Issues (Non-political), Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Business, etc.

ICTACT Youth PRESENT is organized by ICTACT, a not for profit autonomous organization, an initiative of Government of India, Government of Tamil Nadu and Industry.


ICTACT Youth Present - Madurai Schedule to be held at VICKRAM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING

Initial Screening- 8 September 2015

Regional Pre Finals -12 September 2015

Regional Finals- 16 September 2015

For more details visit: http://ictactyouth.in/YouthPresent/About.html