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Staff Designations, Pay and Leave

Important: Refer to last circular for latest information, leave circular IS sent annually

SP-I. Faculty Eligibility for Various Designations

ProfessorPh.D with 10 years of experience
Associate ProfessorPh.D with 5 years of experience/
PG degree with 12 years of experience
Assistant ProfessorPG Degree with 5 years of experience/
Ph.D Degree
Sr. LecturerPG Degree with 2 years of experience
LecturerPG Degree

Good academic standing is required.


SP-II. Minimum Monthly Pay for various Designations

Associate Professor45,000
Assistant Professor30,000
Sr. Lecturer (Assistant Professor II)23,000
Lecturer (Assistant Professor I)16,000


  1. Salary will be revised based on performance, the faculty is required to submit the Appraisal form at the end of every year, to the Head of the Department.
  2. Salary will be revised from the month of Joining. 


SP-III. Leave policy - Academic period

Casual Leave1 day for a month
Exam Duty12 days
International Conference, Paper Presentation6 days
Fixed Vacation24 days. Refer current academic calendar.
Example: 10 days during Pooja Holidays, 7-10 days during Christmas
Faculty Development Program6 days
Work From Home

For Faculty who have 5 years of experience and completed Ph.D can work from home on Saturdays.


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SP-III. Leave policy - Non-Academic period

Vacation24 days. 12 days for during every semester.
Eligible for faculty who have completed 1 year.


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