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List of Selected Candidates for InfoFaces on 21st Aug 2013

The on-campus recruitment drive was held on 21st Aug 2013. All the 2013 passed out students were contacted through telephone and e-Mail. On 19th and 20th Aug 2013, 97 students responded and stated that they would participate -- 10 from EEE, 50 from ECE, 30 from CSE, 7 from IT. 

The drive started with the speeches of the CEO Sri Krishna Kochi and the President Sri Ganesh Gopalakrishnan. There were staff who had come from InfoFaces for executing the selection process – which consisted of 1) Written Aptitude Test, 2) Group Discussion, 3) Technical Test (Programming), and 4) Final Interview. The names of the staff are 1) K.Kesavan, Development Manager, 2) A. Prasanna, Senior Software Engineer, 3) R.Mahesh, Senior Software Engineer, 4) T.Santhanaraj, Administrative Officer, 5) K.Shwetha, Co-ordinator, and, 6) P.P.Rashmitha, Co- ordinator.

In the Written Test and GD, 21 students participated. Out of them, 11 students got shortlisted for Technical Test, which was held in the afternoon. Following are the short-listed students: 1) R. Shamima Begam, ECE, 2) S. Sudha, ECE, 3) M. Sheema, ECE, 4) T. Alex John Wright, ECE, 5) Linu Kurian, ECE, 6) M. Sabarish Babu, ECE, 7) V. Deepthy, ECE, 8) S. Pavithra, ECE, 9) V. Madhu Sudhanana, CSE, 10) D. Hemanth Kumar, CSE, & 11) N. Praveen Kumar, IT.

These 11 students were finally interviewed by the CEO and the President. After the completion of Interview, the following two candidates were declared as selected for appointing in the company – 1) T.Alex John Wright, ECE, and 2) D. Hemanth Kumar, CSE. They were supposed to join duty on Monday, the 26th Aug 2013.