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List of Selected Students for Rane (Madras) Limited on 5th Jan 2013

There was an on-campus recruitment drive for Rane (Madras) Ltd., which was conducted on 5th Jan 2013 in our campus for recruitment of Engineering Apprentices from the Final Year Diploma Students of Mech, Automobile, & EEE of Vickram Polytechnic College. The eligible students to participate in the drive are shown in the following table:


Department# Students# Participants# Absentees
Mechanical Engineering61529
Automobile Engineering1515-
Electrical Engineering21165
Total 978314


The recruitment drive commenced with a pre-placement talk by Sri R. Govindaswamy, Asst. ManagerHR, Rane (Madras) Limited, Chennai-600042. A Video show about the company and the products they manufacture was made, during the presentation. Then students were divided into small groups, and each of the groups was interviewed, with the discussion on some topic of interest. All the participants did well, and hence, the Asst HR Manager selected all the participating students, making no rejection. He informed the selected students that they will be posted in three areas of their industry for training for a year – namely, Production, Assembly, & Quality Assurance. For a year, they will be on training when their monthly stipend will be Rs.5500/-. Along with stipend, a new apprentice is entititled to get Regular Attendance Allowance of Rs.750 and Overtime Allowance. On the whole, a new engineering apprentice is likely to get a total of Rs.7500/- every month. In addition, accommodation will be provided by the company for a nominal cost, and food is free of cost, while at work. It was also stated that those who successfully complete the training process will be absorbed as regular employees of the organization, on a monthly salary of Rs.8000/-. With allowances, the monthly salary will come to the extent of Rs.12,000/- for a new employee.


List of Selected Students from Vickram Polytechnic College


S.No.Register No.Student NameBranch
111221030Anand, M.Mech
211221031Antony Raj, S.Mech
311221032Arjun, M.Mech
411221033Arun Balaji, N.Mech
511221034Balamurugan, M.Mech
611221037Gurupandian, R.Mech
711221038Jaiganesh, R.Mech
811221039Jasir Ahmed, N.Mech
911221040Kalaiyarasan, G.Mech
1011221041Kaleeswaran, A.Mech
1111221042Kalidass, P.Mech
1211221043Kannan, C.Mech
1311221044Karthick, R.Mech
1411221046Manikandan, K.K.Mech
1511221048Mohan, D.Mech
1611221049Muthumurugan, M.Mech
1711221050Nagoor Kani, S.Mech
1811221051Navaneethakrishnan, J.Mech
1911221052Nitheesh Kumar, V.Mech
2011221054Prabakaran, G.Mech
2111221055Prathap, S.Mech
2211221056Rahul, S.Mech
2311221057Rajadurai, M.Mech
2411221058Rajeshkumar, S.Mech
2511221060Sheikabdhulla, k.Mech
2611221061Sibin KrishnanMech
2711221063Sivaprakasam, B.Mech
2811221064Sonu Dan TitusMech
2911221065Sukumar, M.Mech
3011221066Varatharaja Perumal, V.Mech
3111221067Vazir Shaffi, K.M.S.Mech
3211221068Vignesh, J.Mech
3311221069Vignesh, R.Mech
3411221070Vigneshraj, M.Mech
3511252398Joshin VazMech
3611252399Karthik Raja, S.Mech
3711252402Muthusatheesh, T.Mech
3811252404Poobalan, T.Mech
3911252405Poun Kumar, D.Mech
4011252406Raja, S.Mech
4111252407Ramar, C.Mech
4211252408Ramesh Kumar, M.Mech
4311252410Sankaralingam, N.Mech
4411252411Saravanakumar, R.Mech
4511252412Saravanan, S.Mech
4611252413Sathish Kumar, S.Mech
4711252414Senthil Kumar, V.Mech
4811252415Sivapandi, P.Mech
4911252416Stalin Micheal, S.Mech
5011252419Vijay, V.Mech
5111252420Vijayakarthik, S.Mech
5210237775Nithin, K.Mech
5311221074Aravind Kumar, M.Automobile
5411221075Dinesh, V.Automobile
5511221076Gokhul, P.L.Automobile
5611221077Kaleeswaran, G.Automobile
5711221079Mohanavel, M.Automobile
5811221080Praiayan, M.Automobile
5911221081Priyatharasan, V.Automobile
6011221083Singadurai, P.Automobile
6111221084Sundara Kaarthik, C.Automobile
6211221085Venkatesan, R.Automobile
6311252421Gopala Krishnan, M.Automobile
6411252422Karthikeyan, R.Automobile
6511252423Muzeebur Rahmaan, A.Automobile
6611252424Sathishkumar, V.Automobile
6711252425Suresh Kannan, A.Automobile
6811311691Andrewson, P.EEE
6911311692Balamurugan, M.EEE
7011311694Kalaiselvam, K.EEE
7111311696Palani Murugan, K.EEE
7211311697Prasanth, S.EEE
7311311698Rajkumar, B.EEE
7411311699Saravana Kumar, S.EEE
7511311700Sivashanmugarajan, J.EEE
7611311702Vignesh Prabhu, Y.EEE
7711327191Azarudeen, K.EEE
7811327192Bastin, R.EEE
7911327193Hari Krishna Kumar, S.EEE
8011327196Nirmalkumar, S.EEE
8111327199Sathishkumar, B.EEE
8211327200Surendran, U.EEE
8311327201Tamizhazhagan, M.EEE