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List of Selected Students for NSK Builders Pvt Ltd on 21st April 12

There was an On-Campus Recruitment Drive for NSK Builders Pvt Ltd., (a Trichy-based Construction Company) held in our campus on 21st April 2012. The company was represented by its HR Manager Sri M.G. Ramiah. Nearly 40 students from Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering participated in the drive. There was written test conducted for the students for half an hour. Civil students had a separate question paper. Mechanical students were given different set of question papers. The answer scripts were taken to the company, and evaluated.

Accordingly, following is the list of students selected:

S.No.Name of the StudentBranch
1A.R. SaravanCivil
2G. DevaMech

Following is the list of students who have been selected for interview to be held in the company premises:

S.No.Name of the StudentBranch
1V. ChandrelekaCivil
2J.S. RajkumarCivil
3G. HariharanCivil
4S. ManikandanCivil
5Nayana TomCivil
6Jamshad ParambanCivil
7M. IyyappanMech
8D. PrabhuMech
9P.M. VenkateshMech
10Joyal V. JoseMech

Following is the list of students, who are on the waiting list, and who will be called for interview at a later stage, through their representation to the company, after their graduation:

S.No.Name of the StudentBranch
1R. KarthikCivil
2K. SathiyarajCivil
3A. KavithaCivil
4A. SubalakshmiCivil
5A. ThalaiswaranCivil
6J. Paul SenthilCivil
7R. SasirekhaCivil
8G. ViswanathCivil
9K. SafvanCivil
10G. JeyaprakashCivil
11P. MuthukrishnanCivil
12N. SreevidhyaCivil
13Mathew BabyMech
14Abraham EbenMech
15A.S. Rasik JaffarMech
16Nithin MohanMech
17P. Sheik MohammedMech
18V. Jean EbinazerMech
19Vinoth KumarMech
20S. AlagurajanMech
21P. VishnuMech
22M. VenkateshMech
23V. RajagopalMech
25G. SasikumarMech
26M. Mohamed FaisalMech