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List of Selected Students for AIRTEL on 23rd Mar 2012

There was an On-Campus Recruitment Drive for AIRTEL conducted in our campus on 23rd March 2012 for the benefit of Final Year Students of EEE & ECE, with no hindrance of arrears. The recruitment was for management trainees -- to deal with technical marketing of the company. Sri S. Raja, Asst Manager addressed the students about the nature of the job and about opportunities to experience hike in the salary in a period of one to two years. In the conduct of the interview of candidates, the HR Manager was assisted by a team of HR Executives – namely, 1) Ms. Nivethitha, 2) Sri Vijaykumar, & 3) Sri Deepesh.


After the interview, the following students were selected and issued offer letters:

S.No. Name of the Student Branch
1 Govindaraj, K EEE
2 Iyappa Gurunathan, S. EEE
3 Amirtha Rajan, S. EEE
4 Krishnan, N. EEE
5 Aravindraj, M. EEE
6 Parthasarathi, N. EEE
7 Athisivalingam, M. EEE
8 Ashok Kumar, V. EEE
9 Jestin Jose EEE
10 Akhildas EEE
11 Anandha Babu, R. EEE
12 Sundararajan, G. EEE
13 Kishore Kumar, R. ECE
14 Thomas Kurion ECE
15 Sri Ranganathan, I. ECE
16 Veena Dinesh, G. ECE
17 Karthikeyan, S. ECE
18 Muniyasamy, G. ECE