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VICKRAMCE designs to have a highly interactive and effective teaching methodology. Each student is given personal attention with respect to his strength and weakness. This is made possible by a healthy faculty student ratio of 1:11. Our teaching staffs are well trained, highly qualified and experienced who fine-tune the students to the current technological advancement. Stress is given to fan the scientific temper of students.

The institution gives utmost importance to continuous learning process. The faculties are encouraged to keep abreast of the scientific and technological development and impart the same to the students. VICKRAMCE encourages well-qualified female faculty to be part of the growing organization. Currently female faculty constitutes 45% of the staff strength.

The institution also undertakes constant performance evaluation for its faculties. This is facilitated by the 360-degree evaluation system with feedback from the students and colleagues and their technical expertise. Nominated faculties are awarded Annual awards of excellence based on the feedback from the students and evaluation from the colleagues and respective Head of the department.

The college arranges Guest Lectures by visiting professors from various universities and experts from industry. Students are encouraged to undergo in-plant training in industries to have valuable experience in industrial environment.

Every department has a full-fledged project center where students are given opportunities to apply their ideas and create something new. Experts from industries com in regularly to guide the students in the project center.