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Launch of Young Indians Students Net, April 2011

A formal ceremony for the launch of 'Young Indians Students Net' was organised on 1st April, 2011 in the College conference hall. Mr. M.SR. Rajsanthosh, Secretary, presided over the function and said in his opening remarks that this day is a red lettered day for the college as it sets up another milestone by signing up the MOU with the Young Indians (Madurai Chapter). He said that the objective of this tie up is to make the young students realise their responsibilities towards the nation. The Chief-Guest for the function was Dr. Pawan G Agarwal , Chief Executive Officer, Mumbai Dabbawalas Association. Mr. Promod Joseph, Chairman-Yi Students Net, Yi Madurai Chapter and Center Head, TIME initiated the proceedings and encouraged the students to join this forum. He said that this forum will give them the opportunity to work with the peer group, ultimately giving rise to the thought of working for the nation. 

Mr. K. Nagaraj, Chairman, Yi Madurai Chapter & Joint Managing Director, Aparajitha Corporate Services (P) Ltd., announced the signing of MOU and the College signed the MOU with Young Indians (Madurai Chapter). In his address Mr. K. Nagaraj said that the future of India lies in the hands of  the young generation and Yi students Net gives the platform for the students to give their contribution to the fullest. Mr. M. Raghu Ram, Vice Chairman, Yi Madurai Chapter & Director Operations ARC Group of Companies on his concluding remarks said that Yi will give the exposure to the students to inculcate leadership and team building qualities.


Session on “The Mumbai Dabbawalas”


Dr. Pawan G Agarwal , Chief Executive Officer, Mumbai Dabbawalas Association gave his presentation on “ The Mumbai Dabbawalas”- The inspiring journey of the organisation that delivers 4,00,000 lunch boxes daily in Mumbai to six sigma standards. Through the power point presentation, he said that though this profession seems to be simple, it is actually a highly specialized service in Mumbai which is over a century old and has become integral to the cultural life of this city. It was established in the year 1890 and as a charitable trust in the year 1956, it moves around 2,00000 boxes every day ( 4,00.000 trannsactions each day including return) by an estimated 5, 000 dabbawalas, all with an extremely small nominal fee and with utmost punctuality. The average literacy level of a Dabbawala is 8th standard. According to a recent survey, their error rate is 1 in 16 million transactions which equals to a Six Sigma performance as declared by the Forbes Magazine in the year 2002. Their service is uninterrupted even on the days of extreme weather, such as Mumbai's characteristic monsoons and they have never been on strike for a single day in the last 120 plus years.

They are featured on the Guinness Book of World Records and on Ripleys “ Believe it or Not”. He said that as a worker or the students we must learn sincerity, consistency and passion for working from these Dabbawalas. He further said that spending money for the right purpose is more important than merely earning money. In the interactive session the students asked many questions to develop their entrepreneurial skill.